Our Mission

At Remote Office, we’re on a mission to create products that make working remotely more enjoyable and more productive. Here’s why:

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, I like many others were forced to work from home for months on end. After a few days, it became clear that I wasn’t prepared for this new work from home (or in my case a 300 square foot apartment) reality.

I didn’t have the tools to fully feel comfortable and productive working from my new “office” environment. I found myself on my laptop taking Zoom video calls for hours each day, feeling like I needed a professional looking background. And with my office at the time locked down, I didn’t have a choice but to adapt to this new reality. 

Zoom virtual backgrounds can be super glitchy without a proper green screen, so I ordered a few from Amazon and attempted to create a professional virtual background look. I found that the Amazon options were either super cheap and didn’t work well, or were ridiculously expensive and well beyond what I was willing to spend. 

So we created our first product, The Backdrop, our solution to the remote video conferencing background problem. At Remote Office, we’re proud to have helped thousands of folks feel more comfortable working from home, and through our success we’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to coronavirus relief efforts. That makes us happy. 

Since The Backdrop, we've built relationships with suppliers from all over the world and have launched a whole host of remote office products. And we're just getting started. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, we’d love to stay in touch. Please feel free to shoot us an email at, and don't forget to check out our latest assortment of awesome remote office products! 

- Mark Warner, Founder & CEO