Why We Chose Global Giving as Our Partner Charity

Why We Chose Global Giving as Our Partner Charity

These are unprecedented and challenging times, and when starting RemoteOffice, we knew that we had to partner with the right charity in order to give back in some way. We chose Global Giving's Coronavirus Relief Fund for a few reasons.

For starters, this fund will help stop the virus's spread and give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable. Here's where the fund's dollars will go, as outlined on their site: 

  • Send doctors, nurses, and other front line responders to communities in need
  • Get masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals and clinics
  • Deliver essential items to struggling families and older individuals in quarantined cities and refugee camps
  • Feed children that rely on school meals as their only source of nutrition
  • Support hygiene awareness efforts

We also believe in Global Giving's mission. If you're not familiar with Global Giving, they are the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. To date they have raised over $469M for over 26,000 projects in 170 countries. 

You can find their Charity Navigator rating here

We've all been impacted by the COVID crisis in some way, and so 1% of all sales go directly to Global Giving's Coronavirus Relief Fund. 

 Mark Warner, Co-Founder & CEO

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