The Best Webcam Background for 2020

The Best Webcam Background for 2020

The Best Webcam Background for 2020

There are many elements to consider when looking to achieve the perfect appearance on video calls. But one surprisingly important step that is often overlooked is your video conferencing background.

Before a webcam meeting, it’s important to look professional and test your videoconferencing equipment. But so is creating a crisp and clean background.

People who video chat with poorly arranged backgrounds can come off as unprofessional, and it can sends the wrong message. The background (or lack thereof) in your webcam or videos is an integral part of your brand. The room you’re in, the colors, and background all have a subconscious effect on your viewers. And in my opinion, you should always try to present yourself in the best light while working remotely or on a video call. 

When it comes to choosing a professional background, we’ve seen it all. From plain walls to closet doors and paper backgrounds. Having been a remote worker even before COVID, I’ve realized that choosing the right webcam background can be difficult. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be.

My favorite solution is the webcam backdrop from RemoteOffice. It's a super portable green screen that creates amazing virtual backgrounds with Zoom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Skype, and all of the other major videoconferencing software on the market. 

Why should you invest in a portable webcam backdrop?

They are convenient

Webcam backdrops give you the freedom to hold your online video calls from any location - such as the garage, kitchen, or while you are away on vacation.

They are easy to set up

Webcam backdrops are collapsible and easy to set up!

They are easy to store away

The webcam backdrop from RemoteOffice comes with a free zippered carry case, and folds down to only about 3 inches. You can easily slip it behind a dresser or tuck it away in your closet. 

And in my experience with green screen backdrops, I’ve learned to choose value over price. For a product under $100, it definitely surpassed my initial expectations.

Why you should invest in The Back Drop Portable Webcam Green screen

  • The Backdrop is 5ft by 6ft when opened, which the perfect webcam backdrop size
  • It is collapsible and comes with a carry bag for storage
  • It is also lightweight, easy to set up, and super affordable

 Jayla Cook, Marketing Associate

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Sep 01, 2020 • Posted by Liza Blaney

question. Is the stand nessary? I use my now grown up daughter’s room for an office. It is a very small room and my desk chair almost touches the bed. Will the green screen lean against the bed with maybe a pile of books to steady it?

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