The Best Portable Green Screen For 2020

The Best Portable Green Screen For 2020

The Best Portable Green Screen For 2020

There are lots of reasons why people use a green screen. First off, it allows you to upload virtual images. If you're working from home, it'll help you look professional on video calls with your boss, students or clients, and my personal favorite -- I never have to clean my room because it hides background clutter :)

With the growing popularity of video conferencing and live streaming, green screens have become quite a necessity. The question everyone has been asking is -- where can I find the best portable green screen?

But when it comes to choosing a green screen, a big part of it is convenience, storage space and ease of use. There are many options out there, and lots of cheap and high-end green screens on the market.

In our opinion, the best portable green screen for 2020 is The Backdrop Portable Webcam Green Screen from Remote office.

RemoteOffice has a lot of great and unique products for home offices and remote workers, this green screen included.

Before getting my portable green screen, I tried to make do with seamless paper and a curtain rail from Amazon. It worked ok for my one-room apartment, but it wasn’t the best. Which was why I started searching for the best portable green screen that I could find at an affordable price.

The Backdrop Portable Webcam Green Screen from Remote office costs only $65. It also comes with a zippered black carry bag, which is perfect for taking the screen on the go and storing it when you’re not using it.

When opened up the green\blue screen is 5 by 6.5 ft with a diameter of 27 inches, which is great because that is the optimal size for most webcams.

The backdrop works well with all chroma-key enabled programs available. It also immediately creates a glitch-free virtual background for meetings on Zoom, Skype, Blue jeans, WebEx, and so on.

My favorite parts about the green screen are:

The size

It’s super portable, but wide enough to hide clutter. The size fits well into my one-room apartment. No more curtains and seamless paper for me - I’ve finally found my zoom green screen!

The setup

The green screen is very easy to use and the set up is completely hassle-free. The backdrop is collapsible, so it pops up and folds away under 15 seconds. The carry bag is also super convenient for storage.

The quality

The screen is very lightweight and has a steel outer edge, which keeps it taught. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of the screen. This is definitely my favorite product from our collection.

The green screen does come with a handle for you to hang it with, or you could place it by a wall, whatever your choice is. But I personally prefer to use it with a stand.

The green screen and stand have been a game-changer for my home-office! 

 Casey Jennings, Marketing Associate

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