How to Create a Productive Home Office Workspace

How to Create a Productive Home Office Workspace

With the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s crucial to create a home office or dedicated workspace to remain productive.

Creating a work environment that meets the needs of your job while eliminating distractions in the house can be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is not impossible.

A home office set up is more than the equipment in it. It’s a combination of décor, good lightning and overall aesthetic. Here are some few ideas on how to set up a productive home office.

Steps To Creating a Productive Workspace

Choose a workspace that matches your needs 

Before choosing the workspace you need to think about its functionalities. Are you going to be making conference calls? Do you need to keep your kids and pets away? Do you need space for storage? To get the best out of your workspace you need to consider the options available to you.

Get natural light 

Many studies have shown that natural lighting in workspaces increases productivity by 3 - 40%. Plus, natural lightning feels better and more comfortable. So make sure to place your desk and chair in a well-lit room.  

For those who prefer working after dark or live in areas with limited natural light you can invest in ambient lighting. These lights come in various designs and colors. They help add some flair and personality to your workspace.

Air circulation and view

Your workspace needs to be properly ventilated. If you don’t have space for openings, you can install an air conditioner to maintain proper air circulation. Also, you can place your desk next to a window. In so doing, you get to enjoy a great view in addition to proper ventilation.

Choose your furniture carefully

Always select furniture that will keep you comfortable. Use a chair that will support your back and have your desk at a height that is comfortable for you. Remember to create enough space to move your legs.

If you tend to slouch, consider a posture corrector so that you don't come out of quarantine looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Keep space and equipment for brainstorming 

Most of your best ideas would often come away from your desk. So, it is a great idea to have a pin board or couch to keep the creative juices flowing while brainstorming.

Declutter your workspace 

Your workspace could be as simple as having a large desk, a computer, and a chair. Don’t pile up unnecessary items or you run the risk of creating a mess. Use an efficient filing method and create spaces for storing important physical documents. If you have ample shelving or drawer space, opt for file boxes or stylish baskets.

10 work from home tips to help you manage distractions better

  • Separate work and living areas
  • Don’t forget to get dressed
  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Use a separate computer for work and personal use
  • Don’t forget to take short breaks 
  • Keep your workspace organized
  • Establish daily goals
  • Set ground rules with your family members
  • Avoid housework
  • Prioritize tasks

 Jayla Cook, Marketing Associate

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