8 WFH Tips to Avoid Burnout

8 WFH Tips to Avoid Burnout

Working from home can be a big adjustment if it’s not something you’re used to. Before joining RemoteOffice (as you might assume, our team is 100% remote :), I worked at a large corporation where WFH was NOT kosher. So when it came time to transition over to a home office, I struggled. Below are 8 quick tips that helped me stay focused and happy after going fully remote.

1) Set up your workspace 

Find an area in your home that’s conducive to working, whether it’s a desk or the couch. Just make sure it allows you to stay focused. That’s the key. I recommend NOT working from your kitchen. I know that I for one get easily distracted thinking about what’s inside my refrigerator.

2) Stick to your routine

Wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast or a cup of coffee. Do what you did before your commute to the office before you worked remote. This helps prepare your mind and body for a productive day of working. If you can get in the shower/breakfast/coffee/work habit, you’ll be in a good spot to crank through a few productive hours of work after waking up.

3) Have a to-do list

Before you start, list down your priorities for the day. Set pockets of time to complete your tasks and make sure you stick to your schedule. If you don’t like listing your to-do’s, apps like Asana are great virtual alternatives.

4) Communicate

Check in with your boss and colleagues from time to time. Update them on your schedule and deliverables. Be more proactive than you typically are. I like to take a sticky note, write “communicate more”, and stick it to my laptop so that I don’t forget.

5) Take breaks

The key is balance. Give yourself enough time during the day to walk away from your computer screen and phone. Move around, take a step back, and don’t forget to clock out after your shift. If you don’t have a dedicated office space, put your laptop away completely after work so that you’re not tempted to work into the late evening. Trust me, you don’t want to burn out.

6) Curate your work from home playlist

Create a fun lineup of songs if listening to music while working is your jam. Share it with your colleagues too to share the vibe. Search for “binural beats” on Spotify if you want to check out my favorite get in the zone playlist

7) Align work schedules with your family

Working from home all of the sudden can be a major adjustment. Coordinate with your partner, children, or roommate on work schedules and designate chores equally. Doing so will help set expectations around when you will/will not be available for tasks outside of work

8) Look professional 

It’s tempting to go full pajama mode when working from home. I’ve found that even if you’re not taking Zoom calls, there’s a weird mental shift that happens when you put on real clothes and look at least semi-professional. I’m not talking full suit and tie, but wearing a button up or blouse and jeans will get your mind into work mode and reduce the chances of you vegging out on the couch with a bag of potato chips when you know you should be focusing on getting your work done. 

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 Casey Jennings, Marketing Associate

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