5 Tips to Perfect Your Work from Home Routine

5 Tips to Perfect Your Work from Home Routine

For most people, the novelty of working from home begins to wear off after a few weeks. Creating a suitable work from home routine is critical and can help create long term healthy WFH patterns.

In many ways, the conveniences associated with working from home are also its curses. It might be nice to avoid those nasty commutes and hang out all day in your PJs, but there are plenty of distractions to go around at home, and it can be easy to develop bad habits. 

Even with the best work from home schedule, the transition from office to home can be challenging for anyone. Getting your work from home routine down perfectly will have major impacts on your work and how you feel for the rest of the day.

Its ultimately about figuring out how to stay most productive, but here are 5 work from home tips that have really helped me perfect my WFH routine.

1) Be proactive

Try to prepare as much as you can the night before. I like to set out my clothes for the next day, decide what I want to eat for breakfast, and think through my to-do list. This helps me stay organized and mentally prepared to take on the day. 

The goal is to spend less time making trivial decisions, so you’ll have more time to pay attention to the things that are actually necessary to be productive.

2) Start your day right

A solid morning routine should have 2 objectives - signal to your brain that it’s time to work, and confidently go into your work routine feeling focused. Here are some ways that I start my day off right:

  • Wear semi-casual clothing vs staying in my PJs/comfy clothes. This signals to my brain that I'm "going to work"
  • Exercise
  • Have breakfast
  • Knock out a few house chores that would otherwise distract me if not done - like get the laundry started or tidy up around the house

A good morning routine will help you make the most out of your day

3) Take care of your body


It can be tough to get into a workout routine, especially during COVID while gyms are closed -- but working out is really important for your mental health and WFH productivity. Get into the habit of exercising for 60 minutes per day, and your mind will thank you. Numerous studies show that exercise improves blood flow and memory, and stimulates chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, mood and thinking.

4) Find a group (physical or virtual)

If you’re used to being in a team or group, working alone could be a struggle for you. Working together in a group will motivate you to pursue the same goals as the people around you. 

Plus if you’re around people that are working, it can help keep you engaged and on task.

5) Remind yourself that you’re doing great

You’ve made it this far, haven’t you? So when you’re starting to feel unmotivated take some time to remind yourself that you’re doing great. I like to keep an "inspiration" album photo on my iPhone with family photos and motivational quotes, which I look at any time I'm feeling down. 

 Jayla Cook, Marketing Associate

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